Physics of Strongly Correlated Electron Systems


This set of conferences started in IIT Kharagpur about a few years back. Looking at the overwhelming response from the community, in the year 2018,  with the inputs of the Advisory Committee it was decided to make this into an annual event, and to christened it as: "Physics of Strongly Correlated Electron Systems" or PSCES for short. The name emphasizes the scope of this conference and the audience that it caters to. The primary objective of PSCES is to enhance interaction among research groups within India working in the field of strongly correlated electron systems. It was envisaged that a regular annual meeting would provide a strong platform for an exchange of high quality scientific ideas and results among the young scientific community. This conference is also expected to provide an excellent opportunity for the young scholars and researchers to broaden their horizons and forge future collaborations.


​The broad areas covered under PSCES include

  • Low-Dimensional Electronic Systems

  • Quantum Magnetism and Frustrated Magnetic Systems

  • Superconductivity

  • Heavy Fermion Systems

  • Multiferroics

  • Quantum Phase Transitions

  • Topological Phases

  • Correlated Topological Systems

  • Spintronics & Spin Caloritronics

  • & Other emerging topics


 Advisory Committee

Prof. T. V. Ramakrishnan IISc Bangalore

Prof. E. V. Sampathkumaran TIFR Mumbai
Prof. D. D. Sarma, IISc Bangalore
Prof. Dhanajai Pandey, IIT Banaras Hindu University
Prof. G. Bhaskaran, IMSc Chennai, TN
Prof. A. Taraphder, IIT Kharagpur


PSCES 2020

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